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Clarimonde 2015...
Clarimonde 2015...

She walks in the dark,
dim light in a church,
the scent of innocence vexes her senses
crimson kisses carving tender skin,
wanton desire engulfing two entangled bodies,
desecrating holiness
while she satiates her hunger,
no religious image,
nor sacred place stops her
as she delivers her name
enshrouding the young Priest's soul...

Original poem: For Lilith...Last lights of the day caress her pale skin,
waking up from her slumber,
Lilith,the Dark Goddess returns to life,
wrapped in sin,
the thirst makes her shiver,
as she walks in the dark,
dim light in a church,
the scent of innocence vexes her senses
crimson kisses carving tender skin,
wanton desire engulfing two entangled bodies,
desecrating holiness
while she satiates her hunger,
no religious image,
nor sacred place stops her
as she delivers her name
enshrouding the young Priest's soul...

This poem was originally dedicated to Lilith, The Dark Goddess and Mother of Vampires but,actually it was inspired by the superb story of Clarimonde,written by by Théophile Gautier, published on 1836, Clarimonde or 'La Morte Amoureuse' is the story of a mysterious and beautiful woman who seduces a Priest,his name: Romuald.

The story starts the day Romuald is being ordained as a Priest and he heard a female voice promising to love him and to make him happier than he would be in Paradise, if he would just leave the church,after the ceremony is finishing, he is leaving,when suddenly a cold hand grasped his arm and he heard a woman say "What have you done!". When he turned around, she had disappeared. On his way back to the seminary, he was greeted by a page who gives him a card reading "Clarimonde, Palace Concini".

Romuald continues his studies and work but he can't stop thinking about that mysterious and beautiful woman,he is sent to his new Parish and makes the journey with Serapion,who is an older Priest and his mentor,once at his new parish, he discovers that Clarimonde lives there and that she is a Courtesan, it is said to him by Serapion, Serapion also informs Romuald that Clarimonde's palace was a place of great debauchery.

Romuald lives quietly, but he keeps thinking about Clarimonde, One night, a man on horseback arrives asking the priest to come quickly and give the last rites to his mistress,Romuald goes to a mysterious castle in the country where he sees Clarimonde dead. In his grief, he kisses her, and his kiss brings her back to life.

After this,he wakes up three days later at his home, and his maid tells him that he had been brought back by the same horseman with which he left.  Romuald believes that all that passed with Clarimonde was just a dream; but a few days later, Clarimonde appears to him in his room. She looks dead, but beautiful, and she tells him to prepare for a trip.

On the second night, she returns, she looks vibrant and alive,they go to Venice and live together. During the day, Romuald performs his duties as priest, one,who believes he dreams about being a sinner and Clarimonde's lover, but at night, he is Signor Romuald of Venice, who dreams about being a priest, there are times when Clarimonde gets sick, but after she drinks a few drops of Romuald's blood (he cuts by mistake) she gets healthy again, but Romuald becomes suspicious, and one night, he refuses to take the sleeping draught that Clarimonde offers him each evening, and it is when he realizes that she drinks a few drops of his blood while he sleeps in order to survive,but Romuald loves her so vehemently that admits that he would gladly give all his blood for her...

I won't tell more,please read the superb Clarimonde and get inspired about her story!
Below the links for finding more about this great story:……


Mervilina by Mervilina
Priest: Purchased stock from Fotolia-
Nightstock 701 by Nightstock
Veil Brushes Set 1 by Falln-Stock
*Blood painted by me

*Made with a simple and old logitech mouse, no watermark.

A birthday gift for my beloved sister Gabrielle ~:iconvampirekingdom:~,Happy,happy Birthday my dearest sister,today you are a year more beautiful,wiser and eternal!...we vampires don't eat cake but we'll celebrate with a great hunting night!:iconvampplz::iconthecountplz:

Thank you in advance for the friends and artists faving this work,I might not reply all the comments fast but I'll reply ASAP.

*No critics allowed, actually I care for none.

Sandra Villanueva

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My dark lover,
wrap my senses with your darkest desire,
as the night lingers with its velvet blanket
and the stars witness our forbidden dance,
entangled bodies,
vexing waves of heat,
feral hunger coiling within,
while your crave takes prisoner my soul
and your lips deliver the rapture of sin,
fangs piercing innocence
with the poison of your crimson kiss.
Bad Moon Rising...
A birthday gift for the great: Sean Nelson ~:iconsilentfuneral:~ Happy Birthday dearest Sean!:cake::party: I hope you will have a wonderful day!
Sean is a wonderful artist, one who has been more than 7 years at DA and needs more recognition as artist and stock provider,please check his gallery, you'll love it!


Stock__Almost_Innocent by Lady-Dementia-Stock
freaksmg-stock - new skull 4 by freaksmg-stock
Veil Brushes Set 1 by Falln-Stock
Moon by eKtOr182
Vampire Bites Brushes by wyckedBrush
GRAVES 177_quaddles by quaddles
Smoke Brushes - Six by PerpetualStudios
*Blood and filters: my own...made with just my old mouse...NO watermark.

**No Critics allowed,I care for none besides this is a gift.
***DO NOT fave my work if you don't really like.
**Thank you in advance to those friends and artists who fave my work.

The Blood Queen's Bath...
The Blood is the Life...and the beauty for Vampires!

For my always superb home :iconliliths-realm::heart:

Levitation by ArtemisAesthetic
Premade Background  1447 by AshenSorrow by AshenSorrow *:iconashensorrow: My official background provider
Smoke Brushes - Six by PerpetualStudios
darkland-stock-180 by darkland-stock
*Blood painted by myself.

Just a small gift for my dearest Sister Gabrielle~:iconvampirekingdom::hug::heart:

Finally I had a little free time for doing art after a very busy time, I worked at this photomanip almost all night long, even if very tired I am adding the proper credits, I am against those artists who recently have used the trend of submitting art and because 'they are tired' they don't add credits until later, I always say: 'NO credits: no request, nor favorite', please artists: be more selective with your favorites and fave those artists who really follow the rules about stock and DA general rules.

*No critics allowed, I care for none actually.

**Do not fave if you don't like my work please.

***Thank you in advance to those friends and artists who fave my work because they find some quality at it:hug:

I have been a bit away these past few days due to my mom underwent a painful and risky surgery, a reason why, things have been a bit slow at some of my groups.

I especially want thanking to my dearest sister Gabrielle ~:iconvampirekingdom: for her kind support and help at our home :iconliliths-realm::hug: :heart:

Thanks you for your kind understanding!  Thank YouRose by KmyGraphic

Feature ;)

Wheels For Independence

Lilith's Realm 2 by Villenueve Stamp for Lilith's Realm by PhantomShayle

The Most Elegant Predator 2015 by Villenueve

:iconliliths-realm: proudly announces its new contest: The most Elegant Predator 2015, starting today April 15th,2015 and ending on July 15th,2015, so there will be plenty time for participating at our contest.


As the name of the contest indicates, The Most Elegant Predator must depict not only elegance but also beauty and class, the work must depict a dashing, sexy, alluring and fierce predator.
*The contest will also include Lilith, as the Darkest Goddess.

Male vampires are NOT accepted as a main part of the work though they must be portrayed with Lilith, a female vampire or a female character (Sorceress, Witch, Angel,etc) that is being seduced or taken by the predator.

**There are basic rules:

This contest will only accept photomanipulation. *No literature accepted this time, sorry.

*Participants must be members from Lilith's Realm-members and staff can participate -
(If you join us for participating at the contest, please mention the word 'Contest' at the joining request, if you join us after April 15th, we strongly suggest that you provide us a link to the work you have created for the contest, if you don't have it yet,then just use the mentioned word,please) **We won't accept new members if there aren't dark art works that match our home's categories/galleries, the same if you don't have your work done for the contest, we won't accept your membership request.

*High/good quality of artwork.

*Originality -Important point-

*No weapons accepted, vampires/predators and supernatural beings are powerful enough as for killing with the mind!

*DA stock is a must (proper credits)
Stock from DA is a must, the main issue is using the great stock that we have at home!, NO purchased stock allowed!,we want to be fair with all those DA members who can't afford purchasing stock.
Complete/full crediting of stock is a must.
Search engines sites like Google aren't stock, nor Wallpapers, much less FB.

*We are sorry, NO manga,NO anime, NO line art and NO Fan art, No fan fic, No fairies, No mermaids, No white angels.

*The work must be done exclusively for this contest,this means that NO work with a date previously submitted to the day the contest will be officially launched will be accepted, the submission must credit Lilith's Realm, if a work is submitted without our group's credit it won't be accepted.
**Exclusively done for this contest means: You can't submit the work to other contest or challenge until our contest ends and we mention the winners.

*1 submission per artist- The folder will be opened on April 15th.

*Please NO watermarks/nor distracting signatures, works participating at this contest can't/ mustn't be posted at fb, nor social media, this in order to avoid favoritism or cheating at voting.

We are open for any prize donation, it can be from points, memberships, art features, art gifts or banners,etc, please post at this journal your prize or gift.


:iconconsortoflilith: will donate 3,000 to the 1st Place, 2,000 Second Place and 1,000 to 3rd place. There will also be 'Random' prizes of up to 500 points for 'Honorable mentions'

:iconvillenueve: will donate 3 months premium membership for 1st place, 1 month membership for the 2nd and 3rd place, besides features at each one of my groups and at my own journal.

:iconevelivesey: will donate stock prizes for all winners and honorable mentions.

:iconmindoflead: will feature the winners.

:iconvampirekingdom:  will donate 100 points for the 1st place, 70 points for the 2nd pace and 50 points for the 3rd place, a feature and work dedicated to all winners.

:iconbeaute-lamour: will do a special feature for the winners.

Mature Content

Lilith's Realm new logo/5th Anniversary. by Villenueve

Chris ~:iconconsortoflilith:~ The Hand of Lilith In This World
Sandra Villanueva ~:iconvillenueve:~ Liliths-Realm Guardian

Wonderful and inspiring stock:
*If you use their stock,please credit and follow their rules!

:iconevelivesey: :iconmjranum-stock: :iconaustriaangloalliance: :iconashensorrow: :iconmadmoisellemelistock: :iconpranile: :iconroys-art::iconcindysart-stock: :iconscully7491: :iconkimmy-k-stock: :iconmalleni-stock: :iconredheadstock: :iconsalsolastock: :iconcd-stock: :icondenysroquedesign: :iconmaiarcita: :iconfaestock: :iconashtrayheartromina: :iconrockstocks: :icondark-angel669:
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Sandra Villanueva ~:iconvillenueve:~ Liliths-Realm Guardian

My groups: :iconbigheartplz:

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Please,feel free to join us at these groups!,just check the rules and the galleries!

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Sandra Villanueva
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Favourite genre of music: Classical,Opera,pop
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Favourite style of art: Gustave Dore,Klimt,Auguste Rodin, Monet, Gaugin,Amos Cassioli,Botticelli
Personal Quote: When I kiss you, I can taste your soul. ~Carrie Latet

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